Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Anticipation

First of all, I'd like to start out apologizing for the lack of posts lately.  As I'm sure all of you know, life can easily get in the way of blogging and even using the internet.  Although, if you found this blog through my tumblr you might have realized that yes, I have been posting on that lately.  The thing is, there's an incredible difference between mindlessly hitting the "r" button when I see a photo I enjoy and actually writing, reviewing, taking pictures, etc. that are involved in the upkeep of this blog.  Apologies aside, onto today's short post.

Recently I've been thinking a lot about the fall/winter holidays.  Traditionally, Halloween has been my favorite holiday by far.  I loved trick or treating, dressing up, and gorging myself on way too much candy.  I will say that Halloween this year was fairly fun, even if it came at a time when a hurricane had just decimated the north east.  For some reason though, this year I'm much more excited to partake in festivities like Christmas and Thanksgiving.   In my family, Thanksgiving has never been a huge ordeal.  Being a vegetarian for the past two years, I've grown accustomed to inquiring into the preparation of every single thing, making sure such and such wasn't cooked with meat or that the stuffing didn't use chicken broth.  I used to watch the parade every year or so, and then spend a meal with either my mother and step-dad or my dad, step-mom and multitudes of family from that side.  This year, things are going to be fairly different.  I'm going down to visit my dad, who recently moved to North Carolina and am spending the holiday with my step-mom's side of the family.  I've never really been to a southern Thanksgiving, although I think I have a bit of idea what to expect.    I'll make sure to update on how that goes.

What I'm also really excited about is being able to bake and cook lots of things for the meal.  One of my favorite places to look for recipes is Smitten Kitchen.  She has so many recipes that I have yet to try, and the ones that I have made before have all turned out to be incredibly delicious!  Tonight I plan on making her nutmeg maple butter cookies, and will post the recipe as well as photos of how they turned out.  Before I head off to NC next week I plan on scouring the web for more lovely food blogs in order to find some things to make for the family.

I suppose this post has been mainly a life-update kind of post.  Anyways, I'll be sure to be posting more this weekend for I have two shows to go to and am going thrifting.  Also, I have some photos from my trip to Boston the other day to put up.  So, until next time!

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