Sunday, March 17, 2013

OOTD: Crazy Cat Lady

Hey strangers!  I know, it's been forever - but today I'm bringing you an outfit of the day photo! Hooray!  Also, I have some news to discuss after the outfit photos.  

Today I gathered up the courage to go outside with my tripod, drive downtown, and take some photos by myself.  The weather was gorgeous, the sun was shining, and I was feeling great - so I hope these photos reveal my happy mood!  

It was the type of day that deserved a simple and comfy outfit, so I'm sporting my favorite pleated skirt and an old vintage sweater I picked up at Salvation Army last year.  Also, some cute cat socks from my childhood paired with my favorite heels!

Sweater - Thrifted / Skirt - PacSun / Heels - Kimchi Blue / Earrings - NAVA Boutique 

NOW for the news!  I'm glad to announce my participation in a new blogging co-op called Hooligan Survival.  Located at it will be open to the public extremely soon.  Run by some of the most wonderful people I've ever known, Hooligan Survival is us bringing our family relationship to the public in the form of blogging about books, movies, life, advice, style, food, etc! I'm one of the style moderators, so therefore I'll be posting on that blog around twice a month - so if you just can't get enough of my blogging (I know, it's addicting isn't it?) (that was sarcasm) check out :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I finally got an Instagram!

Okay, I've finally done it - I've succumbed to the pressure of getting an instagram.  To be honest, I have no idea why I've been so reluctant to get one.  It's pretty fun!  And it's really easy to snap a picture of something that's going on without having to bring my SLR everywhere I go.  For little things, my iPhone's camera can do wonders.  

If you have one and would like to follow me at dylan_leah to check out daily updates on what I'm wearing, who I'm with, or what type of coffee I'm drinking (expect lots of coffee photos!)  At the moment I'm down south in North Carolina vising my dad, step-mom, and three little siblings.  Not a lot of chances for outfit photos but I do have a lot of free time that I've been spending by working on homework (ew) and becoming well-acquainted with the local coffee shop here in the city.  Oh, and taking lots of candids of my little sibs.  So, I'll leave this post short and end it with some of my favorite photos from my trip so far!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day and Strawberry Cupcakes!

Happy Valentines Day!  I hope you all have spent the day treating yourself to something nice and perhaps spending time with a special someone (or some chocolate and a great book.)  Today, I didn't do anything special except go to school so obviously I don't put a lot of emphasis on the holiday except for one thing - baking!  I was able to make these delicious cupcakes for my classmates today and they were a fantastic hit!  Everyone loved them and the cupcakes were gone within an hour of my arrival at school.  

This recipe is courtesy of the lovely Christina of Oven Adventures (with a few edits of my own) and you can view her original recipe here.  Just so you know, this recipe takes a little while so just make sure you have a fair amount of time to make these!  Personally, I made the batter and frosting one night and baked/frosted them the next.  If you think you're up for the challenge - read on for the recipe! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Style Inspiration - Pretty in Pink

After this recent blizzard that hit the northeast, I've been trapped inside a lot lately.  Well, I spent my weekend being carted around from house to house because my own had no heating and we couldn't stay there.  Once we got our power back on, it's been a nonstop movie marathon for me!  Lots of Hiyao Miyazaki movies!  But now, I'm taking a break from my Studio Ghibli marathon and watching a classic - Pretty in Pink.  Filled with shoulder pads and quintessential 80s movie music, Pretty in Pink has always been one of my favorites.  So, today I'm bringing you photos of some of my favorite outfits from the movie.

The three main characters - preppy, fun, crazy, who knows?  I love it anyways.

My favorite character, Duckie, in one of his quintessential crazy outfits
The famous prom dress that was supposed to be made by Molly Ringwald's character
If given the chance, I would definitely check out this movie for more.  It's got a great storyline on top of all the fabulous outfits.  But anyways, that's it for me today - I'll try to post an outfit photo or two pretty soon.  Featuring the three feet of snow we have here!  Alright I'll stop talking, and now I leave you with a video of Duckie dancing around to an Otis Redding song:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things I'm loving : Temporary Tattoos

When I think of temporary tattoos, I can't help but think of those little dinosaurs and butterflies I would stick on my arms when I was little.  I mean, I spent so many summers with these little designs pasted on my wrists, ankles, and wherever I saw fit.  Lately on my usual Etsy browsing I've discovered a new kind of temporary tattoo.  Well, a kind that doesn't involve butterflies or dinosaurs.  Gorgeous drawings of animals, scripted quotes, and linear designs are all over Etsy's "temporary tattoo" section.  

Personally, I've always been intrigued by tattoos.  I haven't reached the point where I'm sure I'd like a tattoo, but I spend a fair amount of time thinking about what I would get if I ever ended up getting a tattoo.  I've always been afraid of the permanence of a tattoo - getting sick of it, having to cover it up, losing its meaning, etc.  But, I'm definitely considering stocking up on some of these temporary tattoos just so I can see how I like having ink on my skin.  I mean, some of them are really beautiful.  So, check out these photos and click the little (x) under them to get a link to the page where they can be ordered!

I love these - they look like they popped out of a story book! (x)


Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter ball!

Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but today I'm posting about my school's winter ball.  It was my last winter ball in highschool, so my friends and I obviously had to go all out and we were all looking gorgeous in our dresses.  I wore a dress I ordered off of Topshop online, and it worked out fabulously!  I also tried out a sock bun for the first time and have determined that I really need to grow my hair out more because my bun was quite small and thin (my hair is super thin.)  Live and let learn!  Otherwise, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed myself.

What I wore:

 What Aubrey wore:

 And some photos of friends and I: