Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Grand Illumination Outfit

Hey everyone!  Happy December second!  To you all, it may be just another day, but to my hometown it is the day that we celebrate our "Grand Illumination."  Or a night where we light up all the lights in the town including a large Christmas Tree and a snowflake made of lights that hangs over the main street.  Since that is all taking place at six tonight, I obviously do not have the pictures to go along with this post (yet, I plan on posting them later.)  Right now, I'm bringing you all my outfit that I am wearing currently and to tonight's party that my family has each year in celebration of the Grand Illumination (more pictures to follow of the party itself.)  I wrestled this dress that I wore to a winter formal out of my closet to bring it back as a skirt, pairing it with a Zara shirt I bought in Boston a few weeks ago and a Marc Jacobs clutch I picked up yesterday.  That, with a vintage The Limited belt and some Urban Outfitters heels, I actually really love this outfit.  Something like this is what I think makes for a great holiday party outfit, even if my shirt does say END in large letters - if you look close it actually says "the end to melancholia" which is exactly what Christmas is.

This post is also a submission to IFB's 73rd Project to Show off Your Holiday Party Style!