Monday, February 11, 2013

Style Inspiration - Pretty in Pink

After this recent blizzard that hit the northeast, I've been trapped inside a lot lately.  Well, I spent my weekend being carted around from house to house because my own had no heating and we couldn't stay there.  Once we got our power back on, it's been a nonstop movie marathon for me!  Lots of Hiyao Miyazaki movies!  But now, I'm taking a break from my Studio Ghibli marathon and watching a classic - Pretty in Pink.  Filled with shoulder pads and quintessential 80s movie music, Pretty in Pink has always been one of my favorites.  So, today I'm bringing you photos of some of my favorite outfits from the movie.

The three main characters - preppy, fun, crazy, who knows?  I love it anyways.

My favorite character, Duckie, in one of his quintessential crazy outfits
The famous prom dress that was supposed to be made by Molly Ringwald's character
If given the chance, I would definitely check out this movie for more.  It's got a great storyline on top of all the fabulous outfits.  But anyways, that's it for me today - I'll try to post an outfit photo or two pretty soon.  Featuring the three feet of snow we have here!  Alright I'll stop talking, and now I leave you with a video of Duckie dancing around to an Otis Redding song:

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