Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New York, I love you

Well, my last day in New York City is overwith but I did have a lovely time there!  My cousin and I went to Central Park and Herald Square to do a bit of window shopping (and we almost got mauled in H&M because of a sale)

The weather was chilly so I wore a cardigan and some white thigh-highs that I rolled down to knee socks.  It was chilly but at least the sun was shining! 

I just love the architecture in central park - so lovely!

~Herald square~

The view from our little spot in the park where we stopped to picnic
kind of a bad picture of me...but oh well!
Dress - Urban Outfitters / Bag - Camden Marketplace / Socks - Details Boutique / Necklace - Goldmine Vintage

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