Thursday, November 29, 2012

10 Things - A Holiday Gift Guide

Hey everyone! As you must know, tis the season to be shopping and today I'm bringing you 15 items that I believe would make great presents for friends, sisters, cousins, whomever!  I'll also list at the bottom some great online stores that have some great options (some even have their own gift guide you can browse through.)

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1. Best Friend Necklace - $65.00
Perfect gift for a Christmas gift to a best friend!
2. 100 Years of Fashion - $39.99
Perfect gift for fashion lovers of any age
3. Naked Palette - $50.00
One of my favorite Palettes with some great colors for everybody

4. Winter Camo Leggings - $58.90
Some great warm leggings like these hand-painted ones 

5. Marie Antoinette - $6.50
Any cute movie would do, but this is one of my favorites
6.  Winter Scarf - $22
Perfect for layering over over-sized sweaters
7. A Warm Dress for Holiday Parties - $65.99
Warm, comfortable and adorable!
8. Valise Journal - $24.00
Who doesn't love jotting down little notes - and this could easily fit in a purse
9.  Cookie Lover's Cookbook - $17.70
Any other cute cookbook would do
10.  iPhone Case - $24.99
This one in particular has such a great pattern
Besides these gifts, there are some great gift guides that have been put out there by websites like modcloth, sephora, and francesca's collections!

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