Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fashion Inspiration of November - Yelle

This month's fashion inspiration of the month that is following up Lena Dunham is the French musician known as Yelle.  She's the face of the band entitled Yelle but her real name is Julie Budet, and if you haven't heard their music - go now!  You can listen to them on their myspace.  Their music is basically french electro-pop, and it's really fun (even if you're like me and can barely understand french.)  Yelle is also extremely fashionable and wears the cutest things on stage and off.  Sadly, I've never been to one of her concerts but a good friend of mine has and she said it was amazing (and she had around 3 costume changes in the set - and at one point she came out in a yeti costume.)

So if you get the chance, check out their music - it'll definitely be worth your time!

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