Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outfit Of the Day - Favorite Hat

Hey everyone! This lovely Sunday evening I'm bringing to you what I wore yesterday for a short outfit post.  It was quite chilly out, so honestly all you can see is my extremely fab coat I bought a couple of weeks ago (but honestly, I don't mind that it's all you see because I just love that coat.)  I'm also wearing a new hat I bought from H&M that I can't get enough of.  I channeled my inner Annie Hall yesterday, and it was just great.

Today I wore an equally awesome outfit (at least I thought so) but sadly there was no time to take pictures.  I met up with an old friend to see a play at his old school, and now I'm at home chilling in my pajamas and watching reruns of American Horror Story.  A nice lazy day for sure.  So, without further adieu I bring you some pictures of myself and my new favorite hat.

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