Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Purple People Eater

Last night my best friend Chessie and I dyed my hair purple!  There were a few mishaps, especially because my hair was supposed to be lavender and ended up dark purple.  Word for the wise - when mixing hair colour with conditioner, make SURE you're using a completely colourless conditioner.  Somehow, our conditioner turned my hair dye from lavender to some type of sea-foam green :( 

After the mishap with the sea foam green we decided just to put the rest of the purple dye over it.  So here are some pictures that chronicle my transformation! 

I didn't have a proper way to photograph what I wore - so here's a crappy mirror shot.  I'll post this outfit some other time once I get that shirt out of the wash (it has hair dye all over it now)

Chessie wore an adorable blue and white striped dress!  Well, she changed out of it while we dyed my hair but she looked cute either way

Hair with bleach and Chessie!

Super Kawaii, huh?

I think I would be a great blonde!  

And, the end result!  I'll post more either tonight or tomorrow because I'm going to do an outfit shot later today! 

What I wore:
Shirt - DIY / Shorts - Urban Outfitters / Belt - Salvation Army / Necklace - Forever 21 / ZOMG - Jeffrey Campbell

What Chessie wore: 

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