Sunday, October 28, 2012

Did you hear there's a hurricane on the way?

Well, here's my poor attempt at an outfit post for today.  Hopefully you've heard by now that there's a storm coming towards the east coast (I believe I even mentioned it in my last post.)  So, with it about to hit shore, the rain started coming - just as I went down the street to take some outfit photos!  Doubt that I'll be able to post much in the next few days, especially if there will be power outages in the area.

So this is all I've got for ya now!  A little outfit I wore today to a rehearsal.  Sorry for lack of pictures, these were the only two where the camera lens wasn't blurry due to rain.

The last photo I took on the way home from rehearsal.  If you can't see, this guy has hung up some signs that say "Honk for Sandy" and "Bring it on, Sandy!"  I thought it was so great, I had to take a picture.

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