Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall in New Hampshire

Last night, I went up to New Hampshire to Dartmouth College to go to their Homecoming festivities and visit the school.  Of course, I decided to pack in the morning before I went to school, so I managed to leave my camera sitting on my bed - so sadly all the photos I was able to take were done with my iPhone.  I know, not exactly optimum.  So please excuse the lack of good photo quality!

The town I was in, Hannover New Hampshire is a small town nestled in the mountains and bursting with overly-smart college students.  The colors of the leaves were stunning and the weather wasn't too cold either.    This made for an all-around wonderful evening (which also made up for the fact that I had to drive home at 5AM in order to get home for a rehearsal.)  

So here's all I've got for you today - I hope I'll be able to do some more outfit posts this coming week but you might have heard about a certain "frankenstorm" headed towards the east coast - right about where I live.  So that might complicate things.  If I do manage to have some things posted, they most likely will be black! Tech week starts tomorrow for my production of the Wizard of Oz so I'll mostly be in show-garb (my techie blacks.)  

Anyways, here's a few photos of my Dartmouth outfit

Me in my awkwardness in front of a creepy skeleton-esque sculpture 

The lovely leaves!  It's so lovely up there.  

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