Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey Hey Hurricane!

Well, as expected I ended up spending my entire day huddled up on my couch, cup of tea in hand, computer on lap, and The Goonies playing on my television.  It was just what I needed.  The latest news says that about 50,000 are without power right now, and I'm one of the lucky ones who has maintained power the entire day!  So I was able to stay inside my house (which started shaking due to the force of the winds and the fact that my house is only a few hundred feet from the water) and hang around in a cardigan and some sweatpants that are about two sizes too big.

I also have no shame to say that I re-watched Starkid's A Very Potter Musical on Youtube.  If you are a Harry Potter fan (and I hope you are) then you should definitely check this out.  It is a bit of a commitment since it's at least two hours long (more likely it's three or so) but it's completely worth the time.  It's a fan-written musical that basically sums up a lot of what occurred during the Harry Potter series while also making jokes that can make even a non-Potterhead laugh.  So, you can check that out here.

Otherwise, nothing much has been going on in my world.  School's canceled of course, so tomorrow I'm going to finally post my Halloween costume.  I'm sure you're all dying of anticipation! (That was sarcasm - I thought to point that out due to the fact that sarcasm does not translate well over the internet.)  And that's about it!  I wish I could post some photos of what it looks like near where I live, but it's slightly dangerous to go outside since there's a lot of wires that have gone down and trees that are in the middle of the road.  So that's all, talk to you all tomorrow!

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