Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is my last hurricane post - I promise!

I promise this is my last post about Hurricane Sandy.  Anyways, last night I lost power and just got it back on about an hour ago.  This morning I went out around where I live and took some photos of what happened in my town - here's some of the best ones I snapped.

One of the streetsigns near my house - right next to it was a broken powerline

The water level was about five feet higher than usual

A branch that attached itself to a string of dingies near the coast 

A piece of the boardwalk that washed up into the sidewalk - a block away from the water

Anyways, that's all that happened here, thank goodness it was not as bad as what happened in places like New York and New Jersey.  How has the hurricane effected you?  Or, has it effected you at all?  Let me know! 

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