Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You Don't Own Me - Women's Rights and the Presidential Election

The other day while pursuing the news section on the International Fashion Blogger's website I encountered a post (you can see the original post here) that brought to my attention a video on women's rights and the upcoming presidential election.  The video features fashion icons such as supermodel Alexa Chung, teenage fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, and one of my inspirations - Lena Dunham along with many others singing the song "You Don't Own Me," a single released by Lesley Gore in 1964.  The song discusses problems with women's rights, with text describing what's occurring now in the presidential election and how it effects women.

My whole post leads up to my request that if you get the chance, watch this video.  Then share it with every woman you know, because it's incredibly powerful and has a message that every woman (and man) should know.

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