Monday, November 5, 2012

A Very Happy Birthday!

Today was a wonderful day for two reasons.  Reason number one was that it was my first day with no show obligations!  Last night was my last show until March, so I am very excited to announce that I now have time to spend on the internet again! Meaning, I have more free time available to invest in this blog.  The second reason today was wonderful was that today is my birthday!  I had a very lovely birthday with my best friend Chessie in which we went and had a photo shoot at an abandoned bridge near our city.  It's an absolutely beautiful spot, with a lovely view of the river and it even has some interesting graffiti near it.  The thing about graffiti is that it can be interesting and artistic or it can be offensive.  In this location, it was the ladder.  Afterwards, we went window shopping and enjoyed some lovely tea at a local tea house (that I discovered the other day - there will be many posts to follow that involve a mention of this tea house.)  

Anyways, here's some photos that we took today.  If anyone has ever been to Providence, one of its staple pieces is an old railroad bridge that extends up into the air, presiding over the river.  It's been out of commission for quite a while, and is a spot that is frequented by many teenagers in the area to partake in the usual teenage hoodlum things.  Either way, it's a lovely spot to have a photo shoot and I believe the pictures came out swimmingly!

I'm wearing my favorite skirt that I bought back in February, a pleated black skirt I picked up at the mall for only $20.  For a top I'm wearing a birthday present from my dad, a gold striped sweater from urban outfitters.  Although I don't like buying too many things from one place, I do love this sweater.  It's incredibly delicate yet it has a great shape and the color is quite lovely.  I'm also wearing my new heels (also from urban outfitters - I know, I'm being that person, I'm sorry!) and they really are just so lovely.  They are not too high, and are incredibly comfortable.  They passed the test this past weekend when I wore them as I ran between the theater and backstage.  The only problem was that for a few of these shoots, I couldn't wear them to climb out onto the bridge due to the fact that if I slipped, it was a twenty-something foot drop to the water.  Fun, I know.  I'll stop rambling now - here's the photos!

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