Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's snowing!

Hello everyone!  Today was quite a lovely day because I went out to get coffee downtown and while there it began to snow!  I absolutely love the snow which is why next year when I go to college I can't imagine being someplace where it doesn't snow at least a few times a year.  What can I say, the cold is in my blood!  

So I've been meaning to post this outfit for a while - I got this shirt back in November at a huge Zara sale and I absolutely love it.  I wore it over a dress at a Christmas party (there's a post about that here) but here I paired it with a black skirt from Forever 21 (a great essential - and it was only $5!) and some tights and socks.  Oh, and of course my well-loved Hunter wellingtons! 

Top - Zara / Sweater - Urban Outfitters / Ring - Marc Jacobs / Bracelets - Marc Jacobs & Thrifted / Socks - Urban Outfitters / Scarf - Nordstroms


  1. Oh I do like your Outfit sweetheart, you look really adorable wearing your Socks and Wellingtons.

    1. thanks you! I can't get enough of these wellingtons haha